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Full Stack Developer

New Delhi, India


As a software engineer, you will specialize in building performant frameworks that power our platforms. We are looking for someone that has a strong passion for developing infrastructures, and has experience with scalable architecture, APIs,.The ideal candidate for this position will be a reliable and adept programmer who is eager to break down large technical problems and solve them systematically

Programming Skills we are looking for:

Less Talked about skills

You should be empathetic to problem that you as a software engineer could help solve, you should be enthusiastic to code and to learn the ever changing coding paradigm. Databases and front end frameworks are constantly changing, there is react today, flutter tomorrow, MySql today, neo4J tomorrow, REST today, graphQL tomorrow and god help us, for better.
You should be aware of what’s changing, what’s not, what can we do and use to make out platform more reachable, more easy to use. You should understand pain points as a user and be able to deliver successfully on all aspects of the product lifecycle.

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