Alone (Pip Granger)
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Product Description

  • Pip began to write fiction only in the 1990s. Her older brother, Peter, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and she wanted to memorialise their extraordinary childhood. The resulting book, Not All Tarts are Apple, was the unanimous winner of the first Harry Bowling Prize for London writing in 2000, and was published in 2002. A sequel, The Widow Ginger, was published the following year, and Trouble in Paradise in 2004. No Peace for the Wicked in April 2005. 

  • Highlights

    The only daughter of alcoholic parents, novelist Pip Granger spent much of her childhood outside looking in.

    No strangers to the demon booze, her parents were deeply involved in a passionate relationship that rose to exciting highs and plunged to terrible and often frightening lows. Drink explained the series of crises, the furious rows and life-threatening accidents Pip had to contend with, and it also explained why her home life was so very different from that of most other people she knew. Just after her first birthday her family was evicted from their cottage in Sussex for non-payment of rent - a pattern that was to recur throughout her childhood. 

  • Key Features of Alone

    Author Pip Granger
    Publication CORGI BOOKS
    Edition 2007
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 348
    Language English
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