Bitter Eden (Sharon Salvato)
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Product Description

  • PETER BEREAN - Across the raging landscape of a countryside in flames, he rode with the brave, reckless men who cried out for freedom and dignity.

    CALLIE DAWSON - Scorched by unspeakable shame, she was a hauntingly beautiful child-woman who no longer believed in love...until she met Peter's strong, tender gaze and saw there a rapturous vision of eternity....

    Cruelly separated by treacherous betrayal, from that moment on they were bound by an unforgettable promise stronger than his stormy passions, wilder than her deperate dreams...destined to learn the deepest secrets of the human heart...fated to taste the rich, forbidden fruit of a Bitter Eden.

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    Author Sharon Salvato
    publication Macdonald Futura Publishers
    Language English
    Type Old
    Number of Pages 672


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