Cut And Run (Jeff Abbott)
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  • Fiction/Thriller
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    Author Jeff Abbott
    Publication Sphere Books
    Edition 2004
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 393
    Language English
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    ...seductive...relentless...each page offers up the kind of brutal action and blunt dialogue that should gratify Abbott's fans.

    The hottest new writer on the the American crime writing block, Jeff Abbott, slams you back in your chair and hits the throttle from chapter one, leaving you a helpless passenger on a ride that screams around hairpin turns, leaving burning rubber on the

    Cut and Run made my pulse race and my heart ache. It's a breathtaking, action-packed thriller with brains, guts, and real emotion. Jeff Abbott is the suspense writer to watch.

    Cut and Run is first class - a little diamond. If crime novels were music, this would be Jerry Lee Lewis, and there's no higher accolade in my opinion.

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    Many years ago, Ellen Mosley became Eve Michaels. She left her husband, her adored children and her safe life for a life on the run, a new lover and $500,000. But then she discovered that the money was the Mob's - and they weren't too happy about losing it. There was only one choice. She turned her back on the everyday world and returned the cash to its owners. The Mafia were impressed, offered her a job in the family and she thrived. 


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