English Grammer & Composition (High School) (Wren & Martin)
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  • English, High School
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Product Description

  • High School English Grammar and Composition is one of the most widely used reference books on learning English Grammar. This book has been used extensively across various countries like India, Pakistan and Burma. This book is one in a series of books that has been written by Wren and Martin. The book was published for the first time, in the year 1935.

    In every chapter of this book, its readers have been continually provided with all that they need to know, concerning various grammar topics. From forming sentences, to using verbs, relative pronouns and much more, High School English Grammar and Composition is a book that can guide you on every step of the way, as you study English Grammar in detail.

  • Highlights

    This book has been based on J.C. Nestfield's book, which is the Manual of English Grammar and Composition.

    The book is inclusive of 84 chapters, which pertain to English Grammar and Composition.

  • Key Features of English Grammer & Composition (High School)

    Author Wren & Martin
    publication S.CHAND & COMPANY LTD.
    Language English
    Type Old
    Number of Pages 376


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