Enigma (Robert Harris)
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Product Description

  • An excellent historical novel based on the incredible actual story of Bletchley Park and the decrypting of the Enigma codes used by the Germans before and during WWII. This was of particular interest to me because we visited Bletchley this past summer and could appreciate the well described horrible physical conditions under which so much valuable work was carried out. 

  • Highlights

    A gripping World War II mystery novel with a cryptographic twist, Enigma's hero is Tom Jericho, a brilliant British mathematician working as a member of the team struggling to crack the Nazi Enigma code. Jericho's own struggles include nerve-wracking mental labor, the mysterious disappearance of a former girlfriend, the suspicions of his co-workers within the paranoid high-security project, and the certainty that someone close to him, perhaps the missing girl, is a Nazi spy.

  • Key Features of Enigma

    Author Robert Harris
    Publication Arroe Books
    Edition 1995
    Type Paperbook
    Number of Pages 395
    Language English
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