Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (E Balagurusamy, English, Paperback)
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Product Description

  • Object Oriented Programming with C++ 6th Edition is a book authored by E.Balaguruswamy. The book is useful for students studying their B.Tech in their 3rd semester, 3rd year and 4th year. It is essential for students who are specializing in Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering. The book aims at providing an all-round enrichment of knowledge in the area of object-oriented programming with C++ as the implementation of language. The author has used simple language to explain critical concepts of object-oriented programming and for better understanding of the readers. The same concepts have been implemented in solved examples using C++ programming language. Retaining is original style of lucid writing, the books has ample solved examples, programming exercises and new practice questions. This revised edition has new projects and incorporates a couple of new elements like Learning Objectives and Limitations. The topic on Polymorphism has been revised and expanded for better understanding.

  • Highlights

    Table of Contents:

    • 1. Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
    • 2. Beginning with C++
    • 3. Tokens, Expressions and Control Structures
    • 4. Functions in C++
    • 5. Classes and Objects
    • 6. Constructors and Destructors
    • 7. Operator Overloading and Type Conversions
    • 8. Inheritance: Extending Classes
    • 9. Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
    • 10. Managing Console I/O Operations
    • 11. Working with Files
    • 12. Templates
    • 13. Exception Handling
    • 14. Introduction to the Standard Template Library
    • 15. Manipulating Strings
    • 16. New Features of ANSI C++ Standard
    • 17. Object-Oriented Systems Development
    • Appendix A: Projects
    • Appendix B: Answers to Debugging Exercises
    • Appendix C: Executing Turbo C++
  • Key Features of Object-Oriented Programming with C++

    Author E Balaguruswamy
    Edition 4th
    publication TATA McGRAW HILL
    Language English
    Type Paperback, Secondhand
    Number of Pages 634
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