Society in India (Ram Ahuja, English, Paperback)
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Product Description

  • Indian society has been a topic of discussion for many ages. Over the years, there have been many scholars who have tried to decipher the same using different approaches. ‘The book Society in India—Concepts, Theories, and Recent Trends’ is one such attempt that tries to discover the complexities of and within the Indian Society.

    In this book, the author tries to give his version of the Indian society after getting inspired by various other versions already put forward by other researchers. The book looks at the complex structure from the historical, political, religious and philosophical points of view. While these approaches tend to analyze the foundation of society, there have been other radical approaches, too.

    The author gives his own point of view as well in order to understand the structure of contemporary Indian society. These unusual angles can be termed as income-egalitarianism, libertarianism, and utilitarianism among others. The approach of the author is not similar to that of a western scholar, and it puts light on the traditional society, which is fast turning modern.

    The book also discusses how the changes have brought about positive and negative consequences. The author highlights topics that need the readers’ immediate attention, and how they are affecting the present society. The book is well researched and has loads of empirical data and theories with analysis. This makes a good read for students who are studying sociology as well as those preparing for IAS, NET and other competitive examinations.

  • Highlights

    About the Author
    Ram Ahuja retired as Professor of Sociology from the University of Sociology form the University of Rajasthan in 1988 after teaching for more than three decades. He authored many books. Including four translations into Hindi. Some of his books have been adopted as standard text in universities and training academies and for competitive examinations. For nearly two decades, he was guest faculty to several national and state academies and institutions for training IAS, IPS, and state administrative officers.

    Table of Contents

    • Historical Moorings of the Indian Society
    • Social Stratification
    • Scheduled Castes, Untouchability and backward Classes
    • Family, Marriage, and Kinship
    • Economic System
    • Political System
    • Educational System
    • Religion
    • Tribal Society Rural Social System
    • Urban Social Organization
    • Population Dynamics
    • Corruption
    • Black Money
    • Smuggling
    • Social Change and Modernisation
  • Key Features of Society in India

    Author Ram Ahuja
    Edition Reprinted, 2012
    publication Rawat Publication
    Language English
    Type Paperback, Secondhand
    Number of Pages 504
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