The Voice of the Violin
The Voice of the Violin (Andrea Camilleri)
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Product Description

  • 'Camilleri writes with such vigour and wit that he deserves a place alongside Michael Dibdin and Donna Leon, with the additional advantage of conveying an insider's sense of authenticity' -Sunday Times

    'Sly and witty...Montalbano must pick his way through a labyrinth of corruption, false clues, vendettas - and delicious meals..' -Observer

  • Highlights

    The commissioner kept looking at him with an expression that combined contempt and commiseration, apparently discerning unmistakable signs of senile dementia in the inspector.

    "I'm going to speak very frankly, Montalbano. I don't have a very high opinion of you."

    "Nor I of you," the inspector replied bluntly.

    Montalbano's gruesome discovery of a naked young woman suffocated in her bed immediately sets him on a search for her killer. Among the suspects are her ageing husband, a famous doctor; a shy admirer, now disappeared; an antiques-dealing lover from Bologna; and the victim's friend Anna, whose charms Montalbano cannot help but appreciate. But it is a mysterious, reclusive violinist who holds the key to this murder . . .

  • Key Features of The Voice of the Violin

    Author Andrea Camilleri
    Publication Picador
    Edition 2005
    Type Paperback
    Number of Pages 265
    Language English
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