What Do You Care What Other People Think? (Richard Feynman, Paperback, English)
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  • Autobiography
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Product Description

  • A thoughtful companion volume to the earlier Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman!. Perhaps the most intriguing parts of the book are the behind-the-scenes descriptions of science and policy colliding in the presidential commission to determine the cause of the Challenger space shuttle explosion; and the scientific sleuthing behind his famously elegant O-ring-in-ice-water demonstration.  There is also a sweet recollection of how he met his beloved first wife Arlene, and their brief time together before her death. Sometimes intensely moving, sometimes funny, these writings are infused with Feynman's curiosity and passion for life.

  • Highlights

    'Outrageously gifted, iconoclastic, irrepressible ... Richard Feynman still has the capacity to surprise'  - Observer

    'Feynman's voice echoes raw and direct through these pages' - The New York Times

  • Key Features of What Do You Care What Other People Think?

    Author Richard Feynamn
    Publication Penguin Books
    Edition 2007
    Type Paperback, Secondhand
    Number of Pages 255
    Language English
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